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Williton Recreation Ground - Somerset - 4 Tower Multi-Play System - Guide Price £30,000

We were contacted by Williton Parrish Council, the brief included a multi play tower suitable for various age groups and have wheelchair access, be colourful and exciting for the children. A separate area was required which would be suitable for younger children, to be designed in the style of a train.  As the recreation ground is used by the local schools and a children's centre, the parish council wanted a story telling area with seating.

We therefore designed and constructed a bespoke four tower multi play system with two easy access ramps to the lower towers. One of the lower towers has a climbing wall access with sloped access to the higher tower, the other lower tower has a tunnel net sloping up to one of the higher towers.  The two higher towers are connected with a clatter bridge  and has a climbing wall, an up and over cargo net, a 45° cargo net and a stainless steel slide.  


For the younger children a low level train has been constructed with a ramp, tunnel, steel core rope ladder, clatter bridge and stainless steel slide.  Grass matting safety surface has been installed around both the play areas. The story telling area has a bespoke story tellers chair and benches with willow hurdle fencing and bark surfacing.  We also installed an underground tunnel for the children set in a grassy mound using the recycled soil from around the play area.

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