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Play Tower - Surrey 2011 - Guide Price £14,000

This children's play tower was constructed around a large willow tree in Surrey.  The clients wanted a play area that looked natural and blended in with the surroundings in an unused part of their garden.  It needed to suit their younger children, whilst still being challenging for their older children.  Therefore we constructed a lower tower with a red cedar shingle roof for the younger children with a clatter bridge that links onto the higher tower for the older children.  The clatter bridge could then be temporarily blocked off to the younger children when required.   Bamboos were planted around the play area to screen the area and make it like a jungle or a desert island hideout.  

The play area has two 3m slides, two double swing arms, two climbing walls, climbing net,  clatter bridge, fireman's pole, monkey bars, picnic bench and a hammock.  

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