As we design and install bespoke play areas we can offer a vast variety of options.  The quote can be broken down to show the price of each play element to help you prioritise your wish list to help fit around your budget.


Most of our designs can be added to, or adapted in the future so that it can grow with your child/children, providing enjoyment for many years to come.  Treehouses or play houses can even be converted into a unique office space/garden room once the children have outgrown it and can be insulated and adapted accordingly.

Below are links to some of our previous projects to give you an idea of pricing, however this can fluctuate depending on cost of materials, fuel, your location and the surface the play equipment is to be installed on.

Bespoke Play Tower - Bath.JPG
Commercial play tower with climbing wall, swing arm, slide andclimbing net with rubber gra
Treehouse with swing arm, climbing wall, cargo net - Surrey.jpg
Play towers with bridge, climbing wall, slide and swing arm.jpg
Commercial Play Towers - Somerset.JPG
Treehouse in large oak tree - Somerset.jpg
Play tower - Surrey.JPG
Commercial multi play tower (2).jpg
Treehouses constructed around two large trees with a cargo net, climbing wall, clatter bri

The Process

The initial consultation can be done over the telephone or by email.  In order to complete the design process it helps to have an idea of the budget you have in mind, the ages of the children, type of play equipment required, also if possible a photograph of the area and rough measurements of the area. Once we have discussed the design and budget we will provide you with a written quote, if you are happy to proceed we may need to do a site visit to finalise the design prior to installation.  We can then secure a booking with a 50% deposit and confirm the installation date.  The final balance is to be paid on completion of the build. 


As the timber is cut and treated to order, this process takes around 3-4 weeks to be ready for delivery so please bear this in mind if the play area is for a special occasion, or the installation is required by a certain date.  

Construction Timescales

Most of our structures are bespoke therefore a lot of the structure is constructed on site.  The time it takes to construct varies according to the size and complexity of the build.  We can give you a guide of the timescale when we finalise the design with you.